Avengers United Battle Force Demo 2.7

What’s new, a new update already?
This is the last update before a new release, where we will have many more stages and playable characters and different and unique paths to choose from.

The biggest news are:

-NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER = Black Widow, finally! She is the second most requested character from the surveys (Spider-Man is the 1st one) and is a very agile character, capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats. Featuring a very unique hyper move!

-NEW HELPER = Iceman. Now you chill out the enemies :)

-NEW ABILITIES = Many abilties were added to some charcters.
IRON MAN now can glide, grab and execute many grab moves.
IRON MAN and WAR MACHINE converts part of the damage from electrical and hot attacks into energy, recharging the MP.
And many other things.

- 18 playable characters (+ unlockable characters) – NEW PLAYER: Black Widow
– 22 supporting characters (between NPC and helpers) – NEW HELPER: Iceman

– 3 chapters, with more than 15 stages
– Many special powers, including devastating Hyper Moves
– Alternative route
– Alternative mode for some characters
– Bonus stages and aerial stages
– Intense boss fights
– 10+ bosses
– Many itens and traps
– Custom voiced characters
– Custom loading screens
– EXLCUSIVE music tempo change based on the boss life

And much more. If you are looking for a cool Avengers game, check it out.

The game can be played in Windows, Android devices, Wii and PSP.
This was a really hard work which cost me a lot of time and effort. So I wish everyone have fun with this :)


DOWNLOAD THE GAME: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com/avengers

Please, fill this new survey. This helps me to improve the game

Me, O Ilusionista, I’m here since 1999 and founded BMT back in 2001. Since that time, I am making content for Mugen, helping communities and people as I can, free of charge. But doing so costs time and money.

Do you wanna help me making more stuff for Mugen and OpenBOR?
There are several ways to do it: http://brazilmugenteam.com/suport-me/

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Avengers United Battle Force DEMO 2.7

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