Spawn’s Violator

This character was made for the project “Battle Stormer Classics”, but since I launched that project, I received several requests for this character be publicly released.

Due to the small size of the original character, I decided to launch an enlarged version, so it could be used against normal sized characters from Marvel.

In the link below, you can choose which version to download – the regular version or the enhanced version, both for mugen 1.0

– I know the result of enlarged sprites is … reasonable.
– This character was developed to be boss. He walks not only performs special moves and can be quite appellative.
– I am aware of the palfx bug on the fireballs. I tried to fix it, but no good.



Download here: (the link will appear at the top right. You won’t see the link if you use any adblocker)
Small size – LINK
Big size – LINK

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Spawn's Violator, 7.1 out of 10 based on 31 ratings
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