Open Source Edits

On this page I will show some edits I’ve made down on the road. All those edits are Open Source, just please remember to credit “O Ilusionista” elsewehere.

I can accept commissions for new animations, read this link for more details. Use the contact form on this page for a faster reply.

Mortal Kombat
Johnny Cage

Street Fighter




More content will be added as soon as I can.

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Let's remember: Mega Man Powered Up Remix

Yellow Devil RMM Updated

Shadow Man Updated

Burst Man RMM Updated

Top Man RMM Updated

Top 30 Downloads

Name Downloads
AvengersBOR 33.536
Illusion Palace 16.952
yellow devil 10.088
The Spider 8.518
MindlessOne 7.974
Bullseye 6.694
G-Project 6.171
Death 5.855
Black Cat 5.778
Mega Man Powered Up REMIX 5.711
Ivan Ooze 5.420
Burstman 5.089
Power Gear 5.061
Dead Pool 4.725
So Code K 4.698
Famardy 4.194
DrFateBeta 3.923
Anita 3.807
New Mexican Typhoon 3.752
Killer Croc 3.689
Valley of the End 3.421
Goliath 3.351
MB-01 3.197
Vegatron 3.125
Topman 3.016
Utopia stage 2.894
Nuclear Assault 2.857
Goliath win 2.771
Violator - big size 2.761
CVS Sprites (sprites only) 2.650
Total downloads: 268.147