Meka Dragon – Special 15 Years of Mugen

Hello everyone.
In December, I have something to celebrate: I complete 15 years working with Mugen.

A little history:

I started in December 1999, before entering any community, and I “made” a bad character – in fact, it was just a picture of a brown goo. After going to a bad engine called KOF91 and have released a Nude Felicia, I decided to go back and study the Mugen, in mid-2000, and I joined the defunct MugenShock and then to MugenBR. I went through many forums as Mugen Loaf, Mugen Guild, China Mugen, Mugen Hispania, Infinity Mugen Team, Crusader Cast … it’s a long list.

I made many good friends over the years, I packed several fights, I helped a lot of people, I did a lot of bullshit … well, I spent 1/3 of my life here :)

I would like to thank all the support I have received over the years and the good person you meet, and also apologize for all the shit I did for several people.

Now back to the subject.


This character was designed by someone I have great admiration: Balthazar, who was commissioned by Omega. Meka Dragon comes the game Wonder Boy III, the Master System, a game that played a lot as a child.

Due to some mishaps, I probably will not work more in this character (maybe just to fix problems.) And possibly another developer will release a new version. Just wanted to launch my own version.

I hope to work on a few more characters to celebrate this date, and still be able to count on the support of you for more … who knows? :)

To all of you: thank you.

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Meka Dragon - Special 15 Years of Mugen, 8.6 out of 10 based on 31 ratings
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