After many time, we are finally releasing Bullseye, to all comic fans there, which marks the opening of the Atlas forum.

I’ve made a graphic readme, which will be stardard for my chars (the whole version is inside the file):













Bullseye had won the CC Comic Tournament

========== | UPDATE 2016 | ==========

– New stance by CallMeMrA

– New hyper effects

– New frames for some moves

– Tweaks in AI, CNS and AIR

– Bug fixes

Download the char here

Download6494 downloads

Download the remix version of his stage here:

Original concept: Doom
Remix concept and codes: O Ilusionista
Music by Morbid Khaos project (O Ilusionista’s band), composed and played by O Ilusionista

Compability with Binho’s Scorpion fatality, Zvitor’s Mystique morph.
Features a fatality. To make your char compatible, take a look at the readme.

Known issues:
– the base change in some moves

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Bullseye, 8.7 out of 10 based on 47 ratings
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  • Angel

    Is there anything for Deathstroke

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    • O Ilusionista

      Sure, there is “something” for Deathstroke for sure :)

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